A Day on the Water.

Do you like to spend your hot summer days by the water?



Would you prefer to go to the beach and rest in a chair or are you more adventuresome?
beach chair

A good chair and a good book

Are you up for a noisy ride through the Everglades on an airboat? There is nothing like a big fan to cool you off on a hot day.
Air boat

a not so quiet ride

There is very little solid ground in the evergaldes. There are only a few trees.
In this “jungle” of saw grass, the aligater is king.
Our guide said they are like the traveller who “needs” to recharge their
energy by laying in the sun. When their body temperature drops, they slow
down and move less. For example, after a night of hunting they spent the day regaining their energy levels by soaking up the sun’s heat.
big aligator

soakin’ up the sun

Our guide cautioned us to keep our hands inside the boat. The gator is not
the only dangerous thing here. The saw grass is rough and sturdy. If your
hand brushes by the grass, the rough edges will cut quite seriously.
This grass can be gathered together by the gator to form a raft that he can use
to support his body while he recharges in the sun.

Do not disturb. Afternoon nap in progress.

Birds have to be careful where they stop to rest. When the air boat stopped, to watch the gators, it seamed like a good place to rest.
bird resting on boat

Do you mind if I rest a while?

If this does not suit you, there is always the Sawgrass Mall for some serious shopping. We all need some time to rest and recharge our energy levels.
How will you get your R&R ?

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