Bell Performance

Sounds of Ancient China

After seeing the ancient bells in the museum, our tour was entertained by these performers.  Listen to the audio samples below.

Perf-IMG_5344The picture below shows three performers. Using hammers, one plays smaller bells on the left frame. Using a wooden pole, one plays the large bells in the center front. And to his left and on the opposite side of the frame (almost out of sight) is another playing the medium bells with hammers.


The performance included dancers, and other instruments like the Pai Xiao (pan flute) and the Guzheng. (Chinese Zither)


Listen with good headphones or audio system to hear the big bells rattle your bones.

Bell Performance


Bell  Solo


Guzheng Chinese Zither

 Pai Xiao flute


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4 Responses to Bell Performance

  1. melody says:

    How informative. I didn’t know any of these terms, but just love the sounds these talented musicians make. I hope to see a performance live some day.

  2. This is so neat!! I love their costumes and their sound is so unique. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I’m Chinese, but I’ve yet to listen to the ancient sounds. I often hear the guzheng combined with the Pipa, or erhu…but have yet to hear bells used so effectively!

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