Cardiff Bay Barrage

Where do you go to relax, to escape from a hectic workday, and to reward yourself for what you have accomplished?



Do you live near a waterfront playground? Many cities that have been built on the shore of a river, lake or ocean have re-developed part of their harbour area for recreational activities. The city of Cardiff made this their Milleneum Project.



Sluice Gates control the level of the water in the bay by regulating the flow of water out of the bay into the ocean. The water in the bay is constantly being refreshed by the Taff River.

Marine Locks

Who has the keys for the locks to Bristol Bay?

Marine locks allow ships to travel between the Ocean levels of the Bristol Channel and the lake levels of Cardiff Bay.

Wales has identified many sites were we can look at the Roman ruins and marvel at their engineering and construction. Now consider today’s level of engineering and construction. How will that look
only 100 years from now?


View of Cardiff-from-Barrage.




The view from the city harbourfront of the bay with the barrage in the center on the horizon and the cliffs rising up to the right.

For more information on the Barrage project, follow this link.

Now here is an important part. They even tell about the public toilets, for males, females, and disabled visitors. They are cleaned twice daily. How civilized is that?

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