There are contests you win by luck and some you win by developing your skill to the top level. Some prizes are big like homes and cars. Some prizes are small like passes, tickets and e-books or iTunes.

This contest gives everyone an immediate prize.

Harrison Jarvis plays for you his submission in the contest.

Today is a last chance for you to enter to win your own Steinway piano. Just click the link:

I have a friend, a talented 17-year-old young musician who has entered the contest which competes his skill as a classical musician against 150 other piano artists. If you wish to compete against him click the above link and register. You have until midnight.

Maybe you would like to show off your new Steinway piano at a private concert in your own home in Vienna Austria.

Concert in the front room

Concert in the front room of a Vienna home.

This is day 15 of the ultimate blog challenge. Paul says we should use this day to promote our products or ourselves. For some people it’s easier to talk about other people than it is to promote ourselves. That is neither good nor bad it’s just how it is. So I’m using this opportunity to promote my friend Harrison Jarvis. Please click on the link to see what it’s all about and listen to his wonderful talent of playing classical piano music.

Do you aspire to being a concert pianist? Do you like to go to the concert?

Where would you like to go today?

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