Cool places

 Cool Places

Do you take winter vacations to get away from the snow, or to get to the snow for some downhill skiing? Where would you spend your winter vacation?

Cool Places

Cool Places

AccuWeather map for North America January 3 2015.

Look at the temperatures on the map. They are in Celsius. Sometimes the farthest north points are not the coldest on the continent.

Iqaluit advertises itself as the coolest place in Canada. The coldest spot in Canada on Saturday night was Winnipeg at -34C . When it gets that cold it does not matter much if you are measuring in Fahrenheit or Celsius. At -40, the temperature is the same on both scales. Look at the temperatures in the far north, in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Whitehorse, Yellowknife, and Iqaluit on Baffin Island were warmer than Winnipeg. For alpine skiing, these places would need some significant hills. At these temperatures, the best choice is indoor games like Hockey and Curling.

Winnipeg, like most of the major Canadian cities, is near the border with the USA. It is only 60 miles (100 KM) north of the point where North Dakota and Minnesota share their northern border with Canada.  That puts it near the center of the North American continent. I am glad I do not live near Winnipeg any more. In the more southern part of Canada, on the shores of Lake Ontario it is a balmy zero. I think that means there is no temperature.

To get temperatures above 25C (75F) the map  shows Miami is your only option. Should we charter a plane? Who’s in?


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