Esztergom Basilica, Hungary


Esztergom is a city about 46 kilometers north west of Budapest, Hungary.

It is famous for its Basilica which is the largest building in Hungary.


Esztergom is the birthplace of Hungary’s first King, St. Stephen I, and probable place of his ordination.

View a short video as riverboat moves up the Danube past the Basilica.

Esztergom Basilica

Esztergom Basilica

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The small town at the base of the Basilica is called  Vizivaros, or Watertown.

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The Maria Valeria Bridge crosses the Danube at this point. It takes you into Sturovo,  Slovakia. Since both are EU members, no passport is needed to move between the two countries.

IMG_6535 - Copy (800x352)

Sturovo, Slovakia

IMG_6536 (800x313)

Sturovo, Slovakia

IMG_6533 (1024x682)

Sturovo, Slovakia

IMG_6532 (1024x509)

Sturovo, Slovakia


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