January Adventure

I am starting this year with a double challenge. First, I am beginning a three week vacation to South America. Second, I have taken up the #blogboost Challenge to post 31 times in the 31 days of January. (see link at right) Both begin on January 1, 2013.

The text will be written on a netbook that I chose for this trip. Why a netbook? Well, it is lighter than my laptop. I have been down sizing from a 17″ screen to a 15″ screen, and now to a 10″ screen. Weight is one of the main reasons. That should be a topic for another post.

Although the planning has been going on for almost a year, and unexpected changes have been occuring up until the last day before departure, I consider this adventure beginning January 1. That is when things started landing in the suit case.

My wife, Nancy, and I left for the airport at 8:00 PM. The flight was scheduled to leave Toronto fifteen minutes before midnight. However, airports being the busy places that they are, we waited over 30 minutes for another interconnecting flight to arrive with 15 passengers. At noon on January 2 we had a stop over in Santiago Chile. That was just long enough to send everyone that was continuing on to Buenos Aires, Argentina, through a security scan, with all of their carry on luggage. While the air crew was changed, we had an opportunity to explore some of the shops in the airport before we were boarded back onto the same plane, and into the same seats we had pressed into our shape (as best we could) over the last 10 hour flight.The flight from the Pacific coast, across South America, to the Atlantic coast took a meer two hours. After a car ride from the airport to the downtown hotel, the bed looked pretty good. Shortly after 6:00 PM, we were enjoying a great nap on a comfortable bed.

Now for the other challenge. The blog post. Refreshed from a nap and a bath, I submit this as my first entry of the month.

I have read that some people spend more time planning their next vacation than they spend planning their financial future.

Do you have any travel plans for this year?

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7 Responses to January Adventure

  1. Crystal says:

    Hey Doug! Hope you and your wife have a wonderful vacation! I look foward to hearing more about your adventures! I’ll keep an eye on your blog. I’m doing the blog challenge too! Much peace! ~Crystal

  2. Beth Camp says:

    The month ahead will be fascinating. I hope you have backup thumb drives with you. I too took a netbook (after lugging a laptop all over South America and having it stolen), but the experience wasn’t too traumatic as I’m almost paranoid about backing stuff up. My netbook is much less conspicuous. You can check out my travel blog at http://bethcamp.blogspot.com for we went to Africa for 3-1/2 weeks. For the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I’m working in my writing blog at http://bethandwriting.blogspot.com and look forward to reading more of your adventures! So, where in South America?

  3. Well done You did it. You made it to sout Amereica tosleep in a nice bed and you did you blog. Keep us posted.

  4. Tom Moore says:

    Hi Doug! No wonder I wasn’t getting your reports. Just kidding! I knew you were somewhere on the planet. from your travel times it seem you have already travelled half way round the world – north to south of course.
    we had a great New Years as opposed to the disasterous Christmas – but it was a good time with Scott and Mike. Will try to read your blog each day.
    You and Nancy are becoming world travellers. Great! Love to Nancy.

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