Southern Wales, UK

My previous post showed a garden from a castle in Wales, United Kingdom. It is called St. Fagan’s Castle and is located in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.


St.-Fagans-Castle viewed from Garden

In addition to the garden and Castle 100 acres of countryside have been set aside for St. Fagan’s National History Museum. This museum consists of over 40 historic buildings that have been moved. “brick by brick” from across Wales and re-erected in the museum site.


Farmhouse-St-Fagan’s reconstructed for Museum

On one of our recent visits to United Kingdom, my wife and I took two of our children on a tour of Wales. We found an excellent tour company called Jan and John have prepared several comprehensive day trips out of Cardiff as well as some more extensive overnight excursions to Northern Wales.

Wales is a very interesting country. Castles mark a history of  Roman occupation, Norman invasions, and fights with Britain over land, language, and leadership. Recently laws make Welch an official language to help preserve the  heritage and culture.



The harbor in the city of Cardiff has modern buildings alongside historic buildings and an extensive system for controlling the water in the bay. The objective of this system is to maintain a constant level of freshwater in the bay. The freshwater comes from the river. Large gates prevent the salty tidewater from getting back into the bay and let the extra river water flow out to the sea. A system of locks allows ships to move between the bay and the ocean.


Living Live in Cardiff Harbour

When you are in the United Kingdom for the Olympic Games this year, take an extra week to visit Wales.
Center for Culture

Center for Culture

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