The simple life.

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The cowboy of South America is called a gaucho. The name could be derived from the local indian name for orphan because of their solitary  nomadic life. They believed in a simple life and were described as “Wild as the Indians and just as interesting, as well as, obliging, hospitable, and polite.”
One British traveler has recorded their simple philosophy as :
“The use of a fork is avoided, because a knife and fork require a plate, which needs to be put on a table. This requirement creates another; a table involves the necessity of a chair, and thus the consequences of a fork involve a complete revolution of the household.”
This principle can be applied to many of the items we have brought into our busy life. Many require support equipment and services. Just think of a car or a computer. When one decides to escape the “rat race” in favour of a simple life, or they choose to “downsize” after retirement or becoming “empty nesters”, this becomes evident when making choices about what is necessary and what must go.
Are you making your life simpler or more complex?



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  1. katie says:

    love this spirit and simplicity concept. thanks. 🙂

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