What is an Ushuaia? It is pronounced as “oo-shoo-AYE-ah” and means a bay penetrating westward. Well, the bay turns out to be a channel between the islands, and happens to be the “Beagle Channel”. The channel is named after the ship Charles Darwin travelled in on his voyage through this part of the world in 1831 to 1836.IMG_0971 (800x528)Ushuaia is the name of the largest, most southern city of the world. It is in the Argentinian province of, and island of, Tierra del Fuego. The island is divided in half from north to south and half is claimed by Chile and half by Argentina. It is the only province of Argentina to have its own flag. Ushuaia is the base for most expeditions going to Antartica.IMG_1002 sign (732x800)
As mentioned on a previous post, alternate revenue streams have brought manufacturing to the deep south. Currently several electronic assembly plants provide a very low unemployment rate. Salaries are double that of other cities in other provinces, but the cost of living is also high since most products are brought in from somewhere else.
This is a popular spot for winter sports due to the fine quality of the snow in the inner valley. Cross country ski trails, and dog sled rides are available in the valley. Ski lifts and trails are available at resorts for down hill skiing. Summer activities are also available. Look at the view from Garibaldi Pass over Hidden Lake. (Lago Escondido)IMG_1014 hidden lake (1024x679)

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  1. Tom Moore says:

    What a beautiful world we live in! No matter where you go there is always (nearly) a uniqueness about it.

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