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Gibraltar city

Gibraltar City Tour Almost every port has a bus tour of the city. In this case it is the whole country, but it can still be done in an afternoon. You will notice sometimes it is raining and sometimes it … Continue reading

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Gibratar views

Views from Gibraltar Gibraltar has a commanding view of Spain to the North and to the East, and to Africa in the South across the Mediterranean Sea. ¬†The bay to the east is called the Bay of Gibraltar by the … Continue reading

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inside Gibraltar

Inside the Rock of Gibraltar The Rock of Gibraltar is mainly limestone. It is dissolved by rainwater which creates large caverns in the center of the rock. Some of the dissolved limestone is left behind as the water evaporates and … Continue reading

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Gibraltar There are a few misconceptions about Gibraltar. It is not the southernmost point of Spain nor is it the closest point between Europe and Africa where the Atlantic Ocean joins the Mediterranean Sea. And “Barbary Apes” are not apes … Continue reading

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Cartagena 2

Romans in Cartagena The people of Cartagena remember and celebrate their history. There are many museums and a few festivals to remind themselves and the world they have been inhabiting this site for over two millennia. At one time the … Continue reading

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Cartagena Spain

The city of Cartagena Spain An ancient port city that was Hannibal’s Spanish headquarters during the Carthaginians’ second Punic war with Rome. It is still the main Spanish Navy establishment. Located on the south eastern coast of Spain, the city … Continue reading

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Inside Sagrada Familia

Inside Sagrada Familia Being inside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain is like being inside a kaleidoscope of colors and curved shapes. It is bright considering it is cloudy and raining outside. It is immense and constructed like no other … Continue reading

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Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia exterior At the time of our visit, this modern work of art is still under construction, but nearing completion. The building permit was issued in 1885.¬†Consecrated in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI. It is on track to be … Continue reading

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Barcelona 2

Barcelona 2 From our hotel in the north end of the Gothic Quarter, we were able to walk to the famous La Seu Cathedral of Barcelona. This is only one of several cathedrals in the quarter. On the way through … Continue reading

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Barcelona There is so much to see in Barcelona. This is difficult, I have 125 pictures, 21 movie clips to select from. Decided to make three posts out of them. The bus ride from Carcassonne to Barcelona was a little … Continue reading

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