Where do you want to go today?

Is this a difficult question, or have you already decided?

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Does your Boss tell you when to get up, where to work, when to have lunch, where you are to go to eat? Are you happy with that?

Some people are very decisive, and may even have one answer that they apply to all questions. The Answer may always be “NO”.  The answer way always be an “OK”.  Other people are very indecisive and could not make up their mind if their life depended on it”. These people may not be going anywhere. Most of the people will be somewhere between the two extremes and will vary one way or the other  as life situations push them to make decisions, or let them slide along without making a decision.

Where you want to go today may be a short distance, such as to be able to get out of your hospital bed and walk to the washroom four feet away. It may be to go to the library to learn more about your new career.

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