Kaohsiung Stadium

Kaohsiung Stadium and Fokuangshan Monastery

The Stadium was built for the 2009  World games. The roof is made of 8800 solar power panels making it the largest solar-powered stadium in the world. The panels also provide the shade and collect water.

Solar panels for roof, also provide shade and collect water.

Kaohsiung World Games Stadium

For peace and quite, the village of Fokuangshan, has Taiwan’s largest Buddhist monastery. In Mandarin, Fokuangshan means “Buddha’s light mountain”. It was established in 1967  by Buddhist master Shingyun for the pursuit of Humanistic Buddhism and contains 14,800 Buddha images.

Fokuangshan Monastery

It’s impressive Buddha statue stands watch over the village.

Fokuangshan Monastery Standing Buddha

After a wonderful relaxing and informative day in Taiwan, it was time to sail away as the sun sank into the sea.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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