Kusadasi 2

Turkey’s beautiful port of Kusadasi

People have used this port since 3000BC. Think back 5000 years when the Lelegians and Carians settled here. It is on the Aegean coast in the Anatolia Region of Turkey about 90 kilometres south of Izmir. Cruise ships dock at the jetty and disembark passengers seeking to visit Ephesus.

Pacific Princess

there is the princess

Tugboat ready and waiting.

Tied up until all passengers return with their shopping.

Although cruise ships and tourism are a significant part of the economy, the port is used for other ships as well.

The Aegean Sea is a busy part of the Mediterranean.

I have included a few pictures that were snapped through the bus window as the bus was moving around the dock and up the mountain. Apologies for the reflections from the bus window and the blurring of the trees that are close to the bus.

The bus took us up to visit the home of the Virgin Mary, the tomb of St. John the Evangelist, and the ruins of the Roman Provincial Capital in Ephesus. Maybe these sign will help you figure out where you are, and where you want to go.

this way to the port

five miles to Ephesus

This is where the Pacific Princess docks.

and this is why were are here



– Where do You want to go today? –


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