Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a symbol of Copenhagen, Denmark.

She came to life in the stories of Hans Christian Andersen,and lives on in the form of a bronze statue overlooking the harbour and the bicycle and walking trails along the park.

Nancy and I took the “hop-on hop-off” bus tour around the city and stopped to say hello.IMG_9058 (800x533)Watching over the port

She has had an exciting life. She has travelled to museums on exchange tours. She has been stolen away and cloned many times. Some activists have provided her with a body painted bikini from a spray can. At one point she even literally lost her head.

IMG_9072 (645x800)Little Mermaid

She suffers assault on a daily basis.

Assaulted daily

Our tour included a canal boat cruise through the canals and out into the harbour where we were able to see her back side.

IMG_9073 (1024x506)Now you have seen her backside

Where would you like to go today?

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