Mary Lake Retreat

North of King City Ontario is a beautiful little lake called Mary Lake.

I spent some time here this weekend on a spiritual retreat hosted by the Augustinian Monestary and Trinity Anglican Church.

After the morning rain, and a view of a wonderful full rainbow, the clouds cleared and the long morning shadows over the hills presented a contrasting background to the sun sparkling on the cold deep water.
???????????????????????????????? The fall colors are starting to show in the maple trees, and the geese are gathering together and practicing flight maneuvers for their migration to the south for the winter.????????????????? The autumn clouds have a distinctive shape and color that indicates the change of seasons from summer to fall. It is a great time for spiritual reflection and a great place to be near nature.????????????????????????? Although it looks quiet and peaceful, when the geese are flying about, they make a lot of noise with their “honking” sounds.??????????????????At this time of year the geese feed in the corn and grain fields and practice  flying in formation to strengthen their wings for the long flight south.???????????????????????????? Not far from here is a farm with a pumpkin patch. It is a popular spot this time of year when families bring their children out for a hay ride on a horse drawn wagon, and to select just the right pumpkin to carve into a “Jack-o-lantern” for Halloween.?????????Do you have a plan to vacation this fall or winter?

Where do you want to go today?

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