Monte Forte

Monte Forte (Fortaleza do Monte)

On the top of the hill on Macau peninsula, now in the centre of old town, is the old fort. This fort has been converted into a museum of the history and culture of Macau. On the top is a garden which provides a beautiful view over the city.



Above the city, old fortress walls and new museum walls.

The new economy of the new empire.

This tourist attraction is adjacent to the St. Paul’s church ruins. By entering through the museum’s lower level, an elevator is available to lift you up to this uplifting view.

The Macau Tower

The Macau tower is the highest viewpoint in the city. There is a revolving restaurant on top to give a 360 degree few while you enjoy a meal. If you are adventuresome, you can walk along the ledge outside the restaurant, or jump off the edge on a bungee cord.  I was attracted to the red flowers in the tree at the centre. So were the birds. Can you see them if I zoom in?

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Suddenly the birds left. I looked down and found out why they left.

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banyan tree

reflecting pool beside the museum

There are big water effects and small water effects.

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Watching over the city below.

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the old city and the new city



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3 Responses to Monte Forte

  1. Martha says:

    I love the banyan tree!! I can only imagine the history in the old fort museum! Congrats on the blog challenge!!

  2. Vidya Tiru says:

    LOVED The shots of the old city and the new city and those red flowers!

  3. Lily Leung says:

    Thanks for the fabulous photos! See you next time.


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