moving around Marseille

Moving around Marseille

This post includes some video clips from around Marseille France.

I have been struggling with video on my blogs.
In the past I have used links to and vimeo. I am not happy with the way they place their adds and suggestions at the end.
It is possible to add video clips to my media storage on my hosted WordPress site but they are limited in size to about what is shown here and the upload speed is variable.

Do you have any suggestions or workarounds? Comments are appreciated below.

The Palais Longchamp and The chateau d’eau.


Outside of Notre Dame de la Garde

That was nice. Now watch how a link to leaves my readers.:

Are you wondering how we traveled from Gibraltar to Marseille?

– Where do you want to go today? –

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  1. SaraBeth says:

    Hi, Doug.
    To embed videos from Youtube without suggestions and ads,
    1. click on Share
    2. click on embed
    3. right under the code, click on Show More
    4. Deselect everything
    5. grab Embed code
    6. Add to your site (text mode)

    That should be it.

    As an alternative to hosting your site, you can use AWS-Amazon cloud to store the video and then add it to your WP site.

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