Mykonos Harbour

Mykonos Harbours

There are two Mykonos ports. The new one is at Tourlos, a little north of the Old Port of Mykonos City.  The cruise ships and Ferry ships dock at the new harbour which is about two kilometres from the city of 10,000 people. Most of the people of the island live in the city, also called Chora which means “the town” in Greek. Most of the fun and activity happens in the old city, also spelt Hora.

The city port

These maps and satellite image will indicate where the ports are relative to the total island.

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Since the two ports are only a couple of kilometers away, it is possible to see the Pacific Princess docked in Tourlos while walking along the shore of the city.

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There is a lot of activity around the water in this well known town.

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Like the island, the shore is rocky as well. Caution is required when navigating your pleasure boat near the shore.

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One of the reasons the island is so rocky is because the winds blow the fertile soil away. The wind however is great for sailing and windmills.

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One mast or Two? What is for you?

Beautiful even on a cloudy day.

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  1. Elynn Price says:

    I believe I could enjoy this place. Ty for sharing

  2. Martha says:

    Thanks for another gorgeous tour!

  3. Anne Z says:

    Doug-I have never been and would love to! Great boats and water pics, even with clouds!

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