San Gimignano Courtyard

San Gimignano Courtyard

Our tour has been invited into the inner courtyard. I hope it is good. Are those people leaving with ice cream cones?

follow the lady with the sign.

look at all of the people

I hope it gets wider soon. I’m not getting any bars.

Is that the town hall?

How do you feel about living in one of these tower homes?

Where does that go?

Now I see where the cones are coming from. The line up is long because this is a world class Gelato Champion.

So this is where the cones are coming from.

Click here for a video tour of the courtyard.

the bus circle

After the tour, it is back to the bus circle for a SCAN while we ride back to the ship.

A “S-C-A-N” is a senior citizen afternoon nap. (An unadvertised feature of a bus trip)

– Where do you want to go today? –

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