Shocott Springs

In the country between the Bedfordshire towns of Shortstown and Cotton End is a reforestation project sponsored by the two towns.
By combining the names of the two towns, the project was called ShoCott Springs.

Shocott Springs reforestration

Shocott Springs reforestation

From Shortstown, there is a path between the farm fields, along a lane used by the farmer to get his tractor between the fields. Nancy and I traveled the path on a few different occasions and enjoyed walking around the paths within the arboretum. It is a lovely quiet place to get away from the buzz of cars on the motorways.

About a half hour walk into the middle of the arboretum we came across this lovely bench honouring the work and inspiration of the public school children involved in the project.

Bench in Shocot Springs Reforestration projecct

Bench in Shocot Springs Reforestration projecct

IMG_1839 (1024x504)
On the hike back, we noticed that the the doors to the air ship hangers were open.

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