Singapore at Night

Singapore is a beautiful city. My first view of it was at night when we arrived at our hotel.

the financial district at night

the financial district at night

Part of our cruise package with Princess Cruises included a one night stay over in Singapore and transfers from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel to the ship. This trip had many on going adjustments to the schedule, and that can be a good thing. Usually the changes are made for a good reason, and when you do not have to worry about the details of the plans, you only have to be focused on the next time and place to meet. In this case, when the driver picked us up at the airport, he said, “I am going to take you to a different hotel.”
Later we learned that the hotel we had reservations for was inconvenienced by a fire in the elevator shafts in the upper floors. That is how we ended up at the South Beach Hotel. (not South Park). It was described as a “young mans hotel”. The decor is very psychedelic. The elevators are lit by LED lights that are continually changing color. In the lobby, facing one of the entrances, there is a large wall with an LED screen from the floor to the very high ceiling. this wall has a bright display that is continually morphing and changing. See the youtube video link at the end. The restaurant is called “ADHD”.

IMG_1783 (800x521)

the back entrance., opposite Raffles Hotel

IMG_1784 (533x800)

The back of the South Beach Hotel looking over the Raffles Hotel

At one end is the memorial park.

IMG_1778 (1024x666)

Memorial monument in the park.

IMG_1782 (1280x935)

Historic Raffles Hotel

To one side is a shopping mall.
IMG_1774 (1280x737)
On the other side is the famous Raffles Hotel. It is just across the road from the back entrance.
As I walked around the hotel, I took a few more pictures. This one includes the monument and the financial district seen through an arch of the hotel.
IMG_1780 (1280x853)

Looking back at the hotel from near the monument.
IMG_1776 (1024x728)
Public transportation is very affordable to encourage residents to avoid using their own cars and motorbikes. Traffic was not a problem in the short time we were there.
IMG_1779 (1280x837)

Watch for more pictures in the youtube link and see the hypnotic wall.

Where do you want to go today?

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  1. Martha says:

    I hope I’m commenting in the right place for “Singapore at Night”. What gorgeous photos, I especially love the Historic Raffles Hotel! There is so much beauty to capture in photos and memories to hold on to. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip.

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