Singapore River Cruise

Singapore River cruise

When the Sapphire Princess visited Singapore for a day in the middle of the cruise, we booked a river cruise of the city. This is what the boat looked like.

Singapore river boat

Singapore river boat.

The tour began at  Clarke Quay. There were other things there to capture the tourist adventuring dollars.

The river cruise began in Clarke Quay

The river cruise began in Clarke Quay

Maybe some food before the water ride.

IMG_2208 (800x362) IMG_2232 (640x511)

If you are planning to try the reverse bungee ride, you might want to do it first before you eat.  The reverse bungee ride straps you into a seat at ground level then stretched the cords up into the air. When the trigger is released you are shot up into the air. The plan is to stay strapped into the seat and connected to the bungee cords.

Reverse bungee ride

Reverse bungee ride


You take a friend along to hold your hand.

You can take a friend or two along to hold your hand.

The country encourages all religions and favours none. In a few blocks along one street there are Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, Christian churches,  Islamic mosques and other places of worship.IMG_2249 (1024x661)

.IMG_2251 (1024x735)

.IMG_2250 (1024x669)


To watch the highlights of the river cruise, click on the link below. You will see the historic Fulton Hotel and the Lion Fountain in the bay.

Here is a link to my youtube clips of parts of the river cruise.

Where do you want to go today?

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