Ephesus 2

Nike and other interesting statues

The Temple of Artemis, now in ruins, was once a multi columned structure built on the flat (muddy) land near the port. Silver smiths were thriving on the manufacture and sales of the statues and shrines to the goddess Artemis.  When the Apostle Paul came to Ephesus, he began convincing them that their idols to their gods were worthless, sales of these profitable items declined and the silversmiths lead by Demetrios began a riot against Paul.

Paul began his preaching in Asia and visited Ephesus with St. John. Paul often spoke in one of the smaller amphitheatres, Bouleuterion, or Odeon like the one below.

Odeon Concert hall. Once used for many varied gatherings. Capacity 1500.

Prytaneon and eternal flame.

Larger statues to Artemis were found in these ruins and are now preserved in the indoor museum of Ephesus. They were found buried near these columns.

Statue of Artemis, a mother goddess.

Wide streets connected the temples, theatres and other public buildings.

wide streets lead to the city gates



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here is a link to another travel blogger who presents some facts about the modern “Nike”




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