Ephesus 3

The Celsus Library is the highlight of ancient Ephesus

Follow the marble brick road down to the centre of town. At the corner of Curetes Street and the Marble Road you will see the Celsus Library on the left. You cannot miss it or mistake it for any other building in town. It is the most beautiful building in Ephesus. It is two stories tall and the front is supported on elegant columns. Between the columns of the lower level are four niches with statues representing the four virtues of Celsus.

first glimpse of the library on the left

The Agora or marketplace is on the right.

The four virtues of Celsus – wisdom (Sophia), knowledge (Episteme), intelligence (Ennoia) and valour (Arete).

Sophia – Wisdom


Arete – Valour

Looking back from the other side of the Agora Gate, 

D.J. was here.


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