Gatineau 2017

MosaiCanada 150

On the east shore of the Ottawa River, in the province of Quebec, across from the city of Ottawa, is the city of Gatineau. It shares the civic and political offices and duties of the Canadian capital. At the base of the Alexandra Bridge connecting the two cities, in the Jacques Cartier Park is a very special exhibit celebrating the 150th birthday of Canada. The exhibit is called MosaiCanada150 and is a spectacular garden like you have probably never seen before.

All aboard!

The garden was created by Mosaicultures Internationales de Montreal.

Entry to the park is through the train station. Inside the park, you will see a replica of the train that was the first to carry passengers from Montreal to Vancouver. This symbolized the connection of the country from coast to coast.

The replica, like most of the structures in the park, including the train station, is covered with plants.

station platform

The roof and the walls are growing.


No. 374 is covered with plants.

heading into the park

Inside the park, the staff work very hard to keep the plants watered and are constantly pruning, and transplanting to maintain the displays in peak condition.

Fortunately, the river is near.

Beware of the magic wand.

Just filling in the bare spots.

Someone is tickling my tummy.

If you water it, it will grow.

It may look like a difficult, backbreaking job in the hot sun, but there are some ways to make it easier.

Electric clippers to trim the delicate areas.

– Where do you want to go today? –

To learn about the train, follow the link to



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