Ottawa 2017

Ottawa 2017

In 2017 Canada is celebrating 150 years of confederation. In this peaceful city, the capital of Canada, something unusual is happening.

Parliament buildings, library, and Peace Tower.

This beautiful city on the Ottawa River has reconciled differences between French and English issues.

The City of Ottawa on the Ottawa river

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The problem came from France under the name of “La Machine” and first showed up between the towers of this Roman Catholic Church, Notre Dame Cathedral, surrounding the golden statue of Mother Mary.

Ottawa’s Notre Dame Cathedral

The Police were prepared.

Police are standing guard to protect the people.

The threat came from this giant spider found resting in a parking lot. The cranes were brought in to take it away.

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Fortunately nearby, Long Ma, a dragon horse also rests in preparation for a battle with Kumo.

Long Ma the dragon horse

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The battle Sunday evening resulted in Long Ma defeating Kuma. The production team from France packed up and left for another city.  Search Google to learn more about “La Machine”.

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2 Responses to Ottawa 2017

  1. SaraBeth says:

    Wonderful photographs Doug. The creatures are amazing. That Long Ma…
    The spider does look defeated though. 😉

    • DJ says:

      I have been told that Long Ma are the Chinese words for horse and dragon. According to the story line, the spider was only resting, but i have to agree with your observation, “defeated”.

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