Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Macau, also spelt Macao, is only 40 miles west of Hong Kong. A high-speed ferry can get you there in only one hour. The ferry terminal is on the island of Taipa next to the airport and the bus terminal. From there, charter buses run to the big casinos and luxury hotels across the bridge in Macau.

The two main economic engines of Macau are tourism and gaming casinos. The revenues from gaming are among the highest in the world.

Leaving the Hong Kong ferry terminal at 9:30 AM, we arrive in Taipa at 10:30 AM. Because of its special political status, passports are required for inspection at both ends of the ferry ride.

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The ferry terminal, bus terminal and airport are all located on Taipa Island.

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Macau has one of the highest population densities of the world. It also ranks as having the lowest birth rate, lowest infant mortality rate and fourth highest life expectancy rate. Here are some street scenes of the old city.

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Macau was once a Portuguese territory until 1999 when it changed its status to being a Sovereign of the Chinese government.

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Macau is a popular vacation spot for the Chinese residents since it is in the south, has beaches, and modern hotels. Almost 50% of the population were born in China. Would you like to live in a busy community with the highest population density in the world?

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  1. Vidya Tiru says:

    your photos are taking me on wonderful journeys each day – thank you so much for that..

  2. Alice Gerard says:

    What an interesting place to visit! The architecture is different and fascinating. I don’t think that I’d like to live in such a crowded place, however!

  3. Martha says:

    What a cool 1st photo! Ya, casinos!! Do they have penny slots? LOL Love your tour and photos.

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