HK Promenade

Kowloon Promenade and Avenue of the Stars

How convenient to be docked at the Harbour City shopping mall. With 800 shops and an indoor connection between the ship and the shops, what more could anyone want? Well, on a beautiful sunny afternoon a stroll along the waterfront would be nice. Fortunately, that is available from the south exit of the mall. A modern urban park wraps around the southern tip of the Kowloon Peninsula from the ferry docks to the east. Within a half kilometre, we walked past the old clock tower, the cultural centre, the space museum, the space theatre, and the art museum.  These are all along Salisbury Road, between the road and the water. Just past the art museum is the Intercontinental hotel and the Avenue of the Stars, a boardwalk out over the water commemorating the stars such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. It is like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

HK Space Museum West Wing.

This is a panorama shot of the Promenade. The clock tower and cultural centre are on the right, and Hong Kong Island and city are in the centre.

Hong Kong as seen from the promenade on the southern Kowloon Peninsula.

Below is a panorama of the HK art museum, under construction in March of 2017. The HK Space Museum is connected to the  HK Space Theatre.

The HK Space Theatre has an OMNIMAX projection system.

HK Space Museum on Salsbury Road.

Although the Space Theatre looks like a half of an orange, it is actually egg-shaped and is located on the busy Salsbury Road that leads along the harbour providing access to the waterfront businesses.

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Between the Space Museum and the Ferry terminals is the beautiful and unique building of the HK Cultural Centre.

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The Old Clock Tower was built in 1915 for the former Kowloon-Canton Railway station. It is 44 metres tall and has a 7 metre high lightning rod on the top.

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As you stroll along the promenade near the art museum, you may come across this sculpture of a polar bear sadly lamenting the effect global warming is having on his environment.


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  1. It certainly has changed a lot since my last visit. Thanks for the update.

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