Pompeii Artifacts

Pompeii Artifacts

In addition to the stone walls, columns, and statues, there were many other artifacts found in the buried city. Imagine all of the pots, jugs, and jars that would be left behind by those who managed to flee the destruction.

Gymnasium near the bath house.

Behind the fence on the right of the picture above is a new roof which is sheltering many of those items found.

Pots and jugs and urns found here.

more pots, jugs and urns.

During the excavating they found cavities in the solidified ash. By carefully pouring plaster into these cavities, they were able to make casts of their shapes. The results are both surprising and disturbing.


sitting, praying or holding his nose?

Not all casts turned out to be people. Here is one of a dog.

The cast of a dog.

A dog in distress.

There is so much more to see.

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  1. Martha says:

    What a collection of artifacts. It’s amazing as to what has been found.

  2. Glad to see you are venturing beyond Canada!

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