Pompeii Baths

Pompeii Baths

Since Pompeii is a Roman city it has become a preserved sample of what the baths were like. Most private homes did not have their own baths because of the complexity of heating them and the amount of space they required.

Furnace for the bath

The water was heated on one area and directed to the other parts of the building through ducts in the walls and raised floors that allowed water to flow underneath them.

fire pit above raised floor

Hot water flowed under the floors

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There were separate dressing rooms for men and women, and three different temperature bath areas; cold, warm and hot. The lady’s dressing area was more plainly decorated than the men’s.

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Exit from bath house


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2 Responses to Pompeii Baths

  1. Martha says:

    It amazes me as to how they did all that back in the daya of having basically nothing

    • DJ says:

      I think we have been taught that we have everything and the rest have nothing. It is now that we realize they actually had a lot.

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