Pompeii Remains

The City of Pompeii was buried under the ash and cinders of Mount Vesuvius for 17 centuries before excavations began. The homes, shops and streets are well preserved and give us a better understanding of life in 79 A.D.

Artistically planned and carefully constructed.

All wooden beams and anything flammable was destroyed.

Notice holes where beams would have been supported.

some reconstruction

Some reconstruction has been done to give a better sense for what was. Records must exist to indicate who originally lived at this address. The gates are used to keep tourists away from areas that have not been made safe for the busy traffic.

nature returns to claim its land

In this Mediterranean climate it must have been a beautiful place with flower gardens everywhere.

a garden? a temple?

gathering around the green monster

Put on a pedestal and honored again.

How grand these statues must have been.

Columns still remain.

– Where do you want to go today? –


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