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On our overnight stay in Hong Kong Harbour, a lot of preparation had to be done for the next leg of the around the world cruise. Of course, you have to fill up with gas/bunker oil. That is done from a small tanker ship that ties up the ship on the opposite side from where our cruise ship ties to the dock. It kind of makes a sandwich with our ship between the dock and the refuelling tanker.  A tugboat stands by in case it is needed and a couple of others just snuggle up to keep us company.

Refueling in Victoria Harbour

Refueling in Victoria Harbour

GoPro fisheye view of the world.

Several of these pictures were taken with the wide-eyed lens of a GoPro camera. It is possible to straighten them out a bit with the computer but I thought you might find a few of them interesting.

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On one of our cruises, perhaps the scheduling got screwed up, we had to refuel out in the bay, away from the dock. Our ship dropped anchor and the fuel ship tied up to us. More lines were used, and the tugboats were pushing the two ships together. They had it easy here at the dock in Victoria Harbour.

tugboat on standby

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Tenders are watercraft that are used to transport passengers from the ship to the shore in ports where the water is too shallow at the dock, or the dock is too small. They hold over 100 passengers, not comfortably. They can be used as life-craft if needed and in that case, more than 100 people will be loaded on.

Another ship on the other side of the terminal building.

On the other side of the terminal building, another cruise line is preparing their ship as well.

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Now you have the story, here is my youtube video. https://youtu.be/nSyp1F38Jno




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3 Responses to Tenders

  1. Vidya Tiru says:

    Doug your Hong Kong pics are totally tempting me to ensure I take a trip soon.. 🙂

    • DJ says:

      Hi Vidya,
      Yes, I think that is the purpose of my blog, to get people motivated to get away from their comfortable neighbourhoods and explore this wonderful world.

  2. Lily Leung says:

    I lived in Hong Kong for 2 years when I was a child. Have been back once quite a few years ago. I remember sailing around the harbour. Thanks for the memories.


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