Hypnosis on a sea day.

Cruise ships offer daily entertainment, often many different shows or activities each day.  Stage Production shows with signers and dancers are common and a variety is offered with entertainers like illusionists and hynotists. A stage hypnotist asks for a dozen  volunteers from the audience. A quick test is done to determine who will be a good subject for hypnosis, and some are eliminated. The remaining group is put into a first stage of hypnosis and another test will eliminate more until a handful of subjects remain. Each show is different because the subjects are different, and their responses are different.

Have you heard of or experienced “road hypnosis”? That would be when you are driving to work or along a highway and  you discover that you cannot recall the most recent part of your trip. i.e. how did I get here, I cannot remember passing the last three exit ramps, or stop lights.

On this cruise, Ed Fernandez, also gave a seminar to inform about the benefits of hypnosis and to dispell the myths or rather explain what it is not. For example it is not sleep or unconsiousness since the subject can hear and execute commands if they choose to. It does not require special power, anyone can learn to be a hypnotist and even hypnotise themself.  It is an alternate state of consciousness, brought on by an overload of sensory stimulie. There are three type of subject, and three levels of hypnosis. Some of those levels are divided into sub levels. Ed  is a  certified hypnotherapist. Certification is strict and requires yearly recertification.

Your mind can operate at different levels of consciousness. The conscious mind and the subconscious, and the superconscious, each work differently. The subconscious receives and stores all information it receives without differentiating true or false or right or wrong or positive or negative. It works 24 hours a day, and never sleeps. That is way too much information for the conscious mind to process. It gets tired and has to sleep. There is a system that filters out what information gets to the conscious mind and that filter can be programmed. When the conscious mind gets overloaded or lazy, the subconscious mind takes over and quickly decides on fight, flight, or freeze action.

Do you think it is possible  to watch the waves and get hypnotised by them? (some maybe more likely to get motion sickness)

Have you tried or thought about hypnotherapy to help acheive personal goals? Hypnosis can be used to deal with stress, smoking, excessive eating, habit control, fear, motivation, pain management, insomnia, relationships, athletic performance, relaxation and learning enhancement. Repetition is the key to good results. Plan on a session per week for four weeks.


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  1. Tom Moore says:

    Great stuff Doug. Thanks for the explanation. Will check out those website. Good luck on taking on the experience and training. Nice shot of the penguins. Where were you when you took that shot? Enjoying the new camera? Thanks for the info on penguins! Tom

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