Buenos Aires and long summer days


The city tour brought us to some of the historic places of the city. This picture is taken from the public square, Plaza de Mayo, where political protests take place. The balconies on the pink building are where Eva Perón would talk to the people of Argentina. The three sky scrapers in the background are about ten years old and are only part of the continuing development in the city. This project revitalizes the old dock area with new business and residential towers. Beyond that, an ecological reserve protects the shore and natural wildlife.
Tango is very popular. Dance clubs teach the latin dances and it serves as a cultural tie. Social clubs and night clubs specialize in tango parties. People are traveling from all parts of the world to experience this dance in its home.

This is a time of summer vacation. The malls are finishing up the Christmas season with celebration of the three magi. Although many have left the city for vacations, many children are enjoying time with their parents in the city. And like any city, the traffic is still a big part of what makes it work, or not.

Buenos Aires is about 35 degrees south latitude. That puts it about as far south of the equator as Washington or San Francisco is north of the equator. What I notice about travelling away from the north (think 45 to 50 degrees north latitude) to escape the cold, is how I associate warm summers with long days. If I travel to Florida for a winter break in January, I experience warm, summer like weather, even though it is still their winter. My body expects the days to be longer as well. Surprise, the sun is setting before 6:00 PM. Here, in this part of Argentina, it is still light at 8:00 PM. That is a bonus.

It is one thing to read and learn about this wonderful world from books and multimedia, but it is more memorble and understandable to feel the experiences with all of the senses at the same time.
Where would you like to go to do a full immersion stimulation of your senses?

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  1. Tom Moore says:

    As a part of your accountability I am assessing your commitment to blog each day – where is Jan 03? Do you want me to comment on spelling errors too?
    I am guessing that Dave C didn’t catch you before you left. He is working with John Prim* (code) on a new business. Wanted to tell you about it. I won’t get into the details. It can wait.
    Thanks for the interesting pictures and stories of where you are. I would like to get your feedback on the notebook usage. we will want something for Australia in the fall.

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