Guayaquil, Ecuador


Las Penas

Las Penas

Guayaquil, with a population around 3 million, is the largest city in Ecuador. It is about 140 miles south of the equator. If you are flying to the Galapagos Islands, this will most likely be a stop on your route. Being the major port, it handles most of the exported and imported goods, in spite of being 40 miles up the Rio Guayas river from the gulf of Guayaquil. Malecon-2000 Malecon-2000 Where the city meets the river, a restoration project has created a two mile long park area to honour the Liberator, Simon Bolivar, and to provide a meeting place and event location for community gatherings. The office and residential towers of the city rise up on the left. The river runs up and down on the right, depending on the ocean tides. The old town is built up on the hill, front and center, 400 years old, and newly painted in all colors of the rainbow. Clock-Tower-DSCN2062On the Malecon 2000 you will see the rebuilt model of the old city clock tower, and tall ships like the Guayas and this Henry Morgan. It is available for a harbour cruise. Henry-Morgan-DSCN2073If you do not like the water, there is a lot to see on land. If you are willing and able to climb the steps of the old city there are artist shops, cafes, and a great vista at the top.

444  steps

444 steps

At the top you will find this chapel and light house. They are a recent addition from 2000, part of a millenium project to clean up the city to encourage tourism. Santa-Ana-Chapel-DSCN2124Lighthouse-DSCN2133After returning down the steps a stroll along the base of the hill will take you past more homes and back to the city.


Las Penas

Las Penas

This historic community has been designated as a Cultural Heritage Site.

The center of the city has some historic sites as well. Seminario Park or Bolivar Park also known as Iguana Park because it is home to over 100 land Iguanas. They are friendly and an open umbrella is recommended when walking under the trees.

IGGY-1-DSCN2048IGGY-2-DSCN2052Across the street from the park is the grand Metropolitan church. an impressive piece of architecture.

Metropolitain-Cathedral-3-D Metropolitain-Catherdral-1- Metropolitain-Catherdral-2-When evening came, it was time to leave the harbour and head up the river to the Gulf of Guayaquil and the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Princess leaves Ecuador and Heads to Callao, Peru

Pacific Princess leaves Ecuador and heads to Callao, Peru

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