Po Lin

Po Lin Monastery and Ngong Ping Village

Down the 263 steps and a short walk along the path leads us to the Po Lin Monastery where we have reservations for a vegetarian lunch.

Po Lin Monastery

After the delicious lunch we were free to wander around and explore the buildings and property.

Po Lin Monastery (more steps)

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OK to take a picture from the doorway.

Who is counting and how long does it take?

Hall of 10 Thousand Buddhas.

Now for a walk through Ngong Ping Village to the 360 cable car.

As we leave the monastery property we pass back through the entrance gate. The fog is still very thick around the Big Buddha. In the center of the hill you can faintly see the staircase leading up to the statue. It is not so hard to reach up and touch the clouds.

Entrance gate to the Po Lin Monastery

Inscriptions on the gate.

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As we walk, we can see the clouds blowing by, getting thicker and thinner.

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When we reach the end of the village main street, the clouds are clearing a little and we are at the 360 cable car terminal.

One end of the Ngong Ping Village.

The “360” cable car terminal.

clearest view of the Tian Tan Buddha.

waiting for cable car tickets

While waiting for our guide to buy and bring us the cable car tickets, I take the opportunity for one more zoom in on Tian Tan Buddha. This only 15 minutes after taking the picture of the stairway leading into the clouds.

Tian Tan Buddha from the 360 cable car terminal.

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