This is the results of a Fun Friday.

Do you ever play with words? Have you ever played with your food?

This idea came to me when I read a Facebook post from one of my mentors, Tanja Gardner. She was talking about being “saint-like”. As difficult as that may be, I saw something else in that word.

Please excuse my misspelling of the word Satan, but the seed has been planted and is growing in my mind.

Watch this 35 second clip and read my thoughts below.


Think of the letter “T” as our ego, and the word saint as all of who we are.

If we are to be saint-like, we have to put our ego last.

If our ego is central to who we are, we are more Satan-like. If ego is any more than that, we are a stain on society.

Spiritual fight or food fight?   Where do you want to go today?

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