Tuscany countryside

Carefully blending the natural countryside with some grooming and adding a few homes with character, this province earns the fame and acclaim that visitors are spreading around the world.

Vacation in Tuscany

As we leave the city of Pisa we glimpse this famous landmark.

What’s wrong with that tower?

along the Arno River in Pisa

So many crops grow well in this climate.

The advantage of a bus tour is that  when we stop for lunch, it is always a new location with new things to see.

Our path leads to lunch

Maybe there will be some wine to sample.

The sky cleared and promised a lovely afternoon

Everything looks so beautiful in spring.

We bought souvenirs of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and wine of course.

After a cheerful time of wine tasting we were back on the bus for a ride to our next destination.


next stop, San Gimignano

– Where do you want to go today? –

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2 Responses to Tuscany

  1. Morgan says:

    Doug!! I went to Tuscany with you today!! I did not even have to pack my bags, I can sit here in bed with my puppies and feel like I was there in spirit thank you so much for sharing 😉 one day, I will visit…

    • DJ says:

      Hi Morgan,
      I am glad you enjoyed the visit. I learn more from writing about the visit after I have been there.
      I like to view the places using a free program called Google Earth.

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