Sunset? or Sunrise?

Can you tell the difference between a sunset and a sunrise picture?

I asked this question of a friend when I was visiting Parker Colorado last month.

The reply was simply, “I can’t, but you probably can.”

Well the truth is, I cannot; especially when looking at a picture.

Look at the two examples:IMG_6021 (1024x455)

IMG_6024 (1024x407)Which is which?

The physics of diffraction of light by the water particles in the air, suggest that sunsets have more red and sunrise has more blue.

Well now we have “Photoshop” which can easily adjust the colors. Before that, the camera settings can change the picture from daylight to midnight.

So what I was taught as a child, “Believe only half of what you see, and none of what you hear.” seems to apply even more so today. Furthermore, in today’s internet, be critical of what you read. Check it out other places as well.

As for the pictures, they were both taken at the same time, in the evening, while waiting to join my friends for supper. No photo shop change of color, just camera settings and looking at a different part of the sky. On my laptop, the color changes when I tip the screen forward or back.

IMG_6020 (1024x455)What happens in Parker is changing the world.

Where do you want to go today?

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